Deep Listening Workbook (eBook)

Deep Listening Workbook (eBook)


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Deep listening is not just about not talking while others are speaking, nodding and interjecting a few “mmm-hmms,” or repeating what the speaker just said. It’s about actively absorbing the message and showing that you are genuinely listening and interested. It’s about creating a safe environment, removing distractions, observing non-verbal cues, asking appropriate, clarifying questions, providing feedback, and much more.

Deep listening is the ability to hear more than the words spoken. It’s about adding context and meaning to the conversation and listening to what is not being said. Good listeners listen to the speaker; great listeners listen to the dialogue.

In this workbook, Dr. Prolman goes into detail about Genuine Listening, the 5 Types of Listening, Empathic and Radical Listening Skills, Oscar Trimboli’s Hierarchy of Listening, and the Core Tenants of Listening including eye contact, presence, non-verbal cues, body posture, facial expressions, vocal tone, hand and head movements, and more. She also covers focus and mindfulness, taming your ego, tendencies that block deep listening, telling your story, and asking effective questions including reflecting, probing, deflecting, and advising.

Throughout the book are Skills to Practice, Ask Yourself for reflecting on your own listening skills, links to Videos, Books, and Articles, and pages for notes.